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Vilka är vi bakom denna site?


We are Qui and Sören, two mature individuals looking to the future with curiosity and eagerness to learn new things.  


After 25 years with our animals in different places, that chapter ended in the autumn of 2021.  


Ärtan, our almost 16-year-old Field Spaniel, passed away. Our beautiful stallion Ervedal had regained the problems caused by Wobbler syndrome two years after a crucial operation. So also, he left us in grief. It did not work with only one horse left, so young Lider was sold, and suddenly it was just us. Our horse farm was for sale, and it was quickly sold, and the day before Christmas Eve 2021, we signed a contract.


The idea of traveling in Europe in a motorhome had been around since we rented one in Portugal. It was probably mostly Sören who had that idea, but with the changes during the autumn, Qui also wanted to give it a try.


Choosing a motorhome requires some planning. We soon concluded that we prioritize comfort over accessibility to extreme places. It was the new home we were searching for. Buying a new motorhome was utterly impossible as we needed it within 3-4 months. So the choice fell on a well-equipped Knaus Sun I 900 LEG of the 2017 model. We then added a few things to it.


This journey is over, we have sold the motorhome and moved into an apartment in Höganäs, Sweden. This site will stay active.

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